KeyMemo — Password manager, stores passwords and other sensitive data encrypted, automatically make backups.

All your data encrypted by you master password on browser side (AES algorithm), and is not transmitted to the server in clear.

Master password — This is the key that encrypts all data on the client. This master password is not transmitted to the server.

The master password is never sent to the server, so we cannot restore it. If you forget the master password, you lose access to all your data.

For authorization uses SHA256 hash of master password.

We do not collect and store your private and personal data.

Key feature — Keymemo automatically sent crypto backup in your mailboxes after each session change you data. This is small HTML file, that contains all your data in encrypted form and small javascript program for decrypted it (after enter master password). If keymemo will be offline or down, you can anytime get all your data from backup in mailboxes.

If you changed master password and forgot new master password, you can download old keymemo backup from your mailbox, which was encrypted by old master password. Keymemo backup page have ability upload all data back to in other account (you have to know login and master password of target account).

Keymemo can work offline (read only mode). By default, after each login, keymemo leave encrypted backup in local storage of browser. You can login and read your data without internet connection.