KeyMemo is a password manager. It stores encrypted passwords, PINs, encryption keys and any other sensitive data, and creates its automatic backup.

All your data is encrypted locally by your master password (AES algorithm), without transmitting it to the server unencrypted.

Master Password is the key that encrypts all client data and is never sent to the server.

As Master Password is not stored by the server, we are not able to restore or reset it on demand. If you forget your Master Password, you will lose access to your encrypted data.

SHA256 hash of Master Password is used for authorisation on the server.

We do not collect or store any private and personal data.

The key feature of KeyMemo is automatic backup sent to your mail after each session, where your data was modified. It arrives as a small HTML file containing all your data encrypted and a javascript program for decryption. All you need to do is to open the file in any browser and enter your Master Password. If KeyMemo website is not accessible or should it discontinue, you can always access your information from your mail.

If you changed your Master Password and forgot the new Master Password, you can download the KeyMemo backup encrypted by the previous Master Password from your mail. KeyMemo backup page allows you to upload the encrypted data back to through a different account (you have to know the login and Master Password of the target account).

KeyMemo works offline (‘read only’). After each login KeyMemo leaves an encrypted backup on the browser local storage. You can thereby login by entering the Master Password and access your data without needing to connect to the Internet.

You can use KeyMemo on your mobile as a PWA application. All you need to do is to open on your mobile browser, go to Properties and press “Setup Application“